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Choice of business opportunity At the beginning of your business creation project, you sometimes have several opportunities. Actually, you have one or more ideas for yourself or others. All these ideas are good opportunities. Moreover, you are ready to start the adventure with all your energy and spend hours of work. The pitfall is that you […]

The customer is the wealth of the company. Thus, the client and its satisfaction are two essential elements of your business competition. Since this is so, you must sure from time to time to the satisfaction of the customers that you hold in your portfolio. Even if you have only two customers, make sure of […]

Opportunities: opportunities for improvement exist within all companies. Opportunities are not only these internal opportunities, but also those offered by the market. It should therefore be to identify opportunities that will help your company to respond better to the expectations of your customers. Thus, in this segment represents opportunities, you join all the internal and […]

L’étude de marché est une technique utilisée par les entreprises et les entrepreneurs pour comprendre leur marché avant de lancer un produit ou un service. Elle consiste à rechercher et analyser les données en vue de les transformer en information exploitable pour eux, et utile pour le développement de leur activité. L’étude de marché est […]