The customer is the wealth of the company. Thus, the client and its satisfaction are two essential elements of your business competition. Since this is so, you must sure from time to time to the satisfaction of the customers that you hold in your portfolio. Even if you have only two customers, make sure of the good quality of your client portfolio. This last measure is the proportion of clients satisfied or easy to satisfy that you have compared to your customers with problems.

The satisfaction of your customers is both the result of the response of your product as required of the client and the relationship you have built up there with your customers. The purpose of the identification of clients satisfaction with clients with problems, is to increase the number of your customers satisfied, or potentially easy to satisfy. In order to build a customer relationship easily with them. To do this, you need evaluate your current customers, and identify among them those already satisfied, those potentially easily meet and those who anyway, you can never satisfy. Once you have done this, that is not all, you will have to steer, energize, or build the relationship that you build with each of them. Here is therefore the 5 steps to identify your satisfied customers or to satisfy.

1 – Define your concept of customer satisfaction: before you can say that your client is satisfied, you must know what is going to be based the concept of satisfaction. Is this a concept defined by you? A notion expected by your customer? Is this an implicit concept? Has the content been defined in consultation with the customer? Here are some of the questions you need to answer to make sure the elements necessary to the satisfaction of your customers. In all cases, you must first have the clear definition of your concept of satisfaction before all actions.

2 – Play your customers: customer listening is a practice that lets you resynchronize somehow with the expectations of your customers. It must be done regularly, however if you have neither the means nor the device to do this, do help you at least once per year. This tuning allows you to redefine your definition of satisfaction in accordance with customers or their propose innovative products.  

3 – Formalize elements of satisfaction: these first two steps allow you to precisely define the scope of your product or service to meet your customers. It could be that at this point you have several elements necessary to the satisfaction of your customers. In this case don't hold that the three most important criteria for the suite.

4 – Define the problems of clients with problems: as in step 1, it should be your definition of your "clients with problems. To do this start by listing what you hate or hate your customers. This list will be called problems. You must have a clear definition of these problems to be able to classify a client in any particular category. For example a customer problem could be a client that is located in a geographical area that you do not want to cover.

5 – Now take action: take you to the list of your clients for each client, check that it is satisfied or problems (results of steps 3 and 4). You should now have your client satisfaction criteria list and problems. Prefer customers who have more criteria of satisfaction and fewer problems. Don't forget to see if you're close to efforts to compensate some problems: sometimes, it's worth the trouble. Do this exercise regularly.

-For all your customers who have some positive satisfaction criteria and no problems you must work to meet them. It may be that it just says your offer to reframe the concept of satisfaction expected by the customer.

-For all your customers who have no positive satisfaction criteria and no problems criteria are customers satisfied, stunting. Do not waste your time with them.

Good luck!

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