The fundamentals for successful design of your offer of servicesEtan
t given that the supply of services is based on the service, which itself is based on know-how, competence or experience… service is different from a physical product and its design it is a
lso. Thus, a service has features of intangibility, inseparability and homogeneity. It is necessary to know, in order to take it into account at the time of the design of you
r service. These features were discussed in detail in the formation "develop your range of serv
ices. The fundamental basic principles to develop your range of servic
es are:-Identification of know-how: you must start by identifying a know-how which will be the subject of de
livery — Definition of a service: know-how is the basis, should define the provision based on this know-how. For example, the knowledge you want to promote is marketing. You can define a service around the Board marketing. – V
erification of the compatibility with the specificities of services: the service thus defined, must respect the specific characteristics of servi
ces. – identification of the promise to do: you must identify a promise that you can hold, as no relationship could arise if clients are not satisfied with your first delivery. In addition,
the supply of services shall be designed in a logical sequence of steps of services, so as to lead the buyer to remain faithful and be profitable to your business. It is the very principle of the customer relationship.

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