Relation client et Marketing

Customer relationship and MarketingWhat is customer relationship?

Whatever your sector of activity and the size of your auto-entrepreneur, independent, TPE or SME business, you need customer relationship.

Without this client relationship, you will have great difficulty in marketing your products. This is to say that these customer relationship words are familiar to marketers, commercial, and client relationship management software worldwide.

I'm talking about customer relationship today, because what it is going to cause you to sell more, take off your business, or even double your sales, if you decide to put it into practice.

You already ask you what is the customer relationship. We will just deal with it and my approach will clarify you certainly twice as many ideas, even if you already run your business for many years, you will be able to achieve your goals in a short time.

Create the client relationship

When you have a business, need you customers. Indeed, a company without a client is not a business because it will not be able to play its economic role. So the first step is to find customers. Nothing that at this point, you are already in the customer relationship. What you do here is to create the relationship with your customers. This phase is long and includes the strategic marketing: who are my customers, where are they, geomarketing is going to be helpful to you in this part that is consuming time and resources.

Develop my customer relationship

Then, after working your products, found your first customers, you just perform the phase of creation of your customer relationship. It only remains to realize the sale. Thus, whenever you realize a sale, you expand your customer relationship that you previously created. Note, however, that development is not that the sale, it is also everything that goes around and brings you to more quickly close your sale. For example: analysis of your sales can get you to understand a category of your customers, which will make that you sell more this same product to this category or expand to another. Or understand how your customers use your products to still advise to other or improve it.

Maintain my customer relationship

At this point, you have created and developed your client relationship. Now, you have t – it? Keep it. If this last step is neglected, you will have wasted your time in the first two stages and in the end, after a while, your sales will collapse. Therefore this phase is crucial to ensure your future sales, you position as leader and above all to build a closeness to your clients to be innovative. To do this, you will implement everything to co-develop products with your customers. It is to say that the task is not simple but done well.

Here your goal as a supplier is to accompany your customers order their provide real added value that helps them differentiate their tour on their products for their customers.

Therefore, the customer relationship is both: create, develop and maintain the relationship with your customers. If you create the relationship without the develop and maintain it, you do create a customer relationship. This is where customer relationship management software you will be a great help, because they help you know and understand your customers. But they cannot replace the human relationship.

So if your customers rely on the end of tips, no need to invest in expensive software. It is better to understand the principle of the relationship client to develop your sales calmly.

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