The whole team of DAVPRO wishes you a happy new year 2016.

2015 is completed. As we look back to the days that have marked this year 2015, we feel grateful to our customers who have shown us their huge support and have trusted us, entrusting us with their projects.


2 015 was a carrier and several companies took the opportunity to implement a proximity with their customers by appealing to us, and we thank them.

2016, represents an opportunity for you to review on our activity. Thus, on our blog, we published:

-60 new articles on the customer relationship.

-Two videos on our YouTube channel

-Online courses to help you better build the relationship with your customers. You will find our course on Udemy and our e-learning site.

You are also likely to download our free e-books.

Our practical training still have success, and you can download the catalogue on our website or consult the list training on our site.

By 2016, we offer you more online on practical topics courses more short. The goal is to help you answer to a business problem by practical training that you can follow independently. Through these courses, you get step by step to acquire important concepts that will help you develop your business.

Earlier this year, the theme that we love the most to you, and you have been many to, concerning the drafting of your e-books. We are currently working on the development of software that will help you in this task. You can then use this software to plan your book and write your e-book, to generate leads for example. We will keep you updated and will explain all this, since its launch.

You can perform on our site, your relationship marketing diagnosis. It covers six topics of customer relationship that are: product or service, customers, prices, relational, communication and the development potential of your business.

These diagnostics can be performed separately or all together. In the latter case, it is the full diagnosis, which is much more interesting, because it shows you multiple tracks for your development by analyzing all the potential of your 6 topics.

If you want to quickly market your product or service, prefer the full diagnosis.

By 2016, we also put at your disposal several software to help you grow your business.

To soon on DAVPRO

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