Concevoir votre offre de services

Formalization of the offer – definition of its content

When you arrive to the formalization, you already know what you want to offer, why and how you will do. The content of your offer is clear and he is consistent in your eyes since this phase follows the analysis and synthesis of data collected.
To deepen your notions on this chapter and how to define the execution of your offer of services process, sign up for training "develop your range of services. You will know how to gather relevant information, analyze them and define precisely what you want to offer and your positioning.


Pricing of the offer

Since you know what you are going to offer exactly as well as its value for your customers, you are able to precisely define the price of your s
ervice. It is what it is here. This notion can be deepened or by subscribing to the e-learning training or giving you the e-book "how to set the price of your service delivery. E – format
ting of the offer in the form of Presentationpui
sque you have all the information necessary for the constitution of your offer of services, it should be here, put them in the form of a PowerPoint.Ici presenta
tion you can present your offer of services according to an irrefutable logic. By following the e-learning training 'develop your range of services', you can enjoy a model comes in a PowerPoint format, as well as detailed explanations to prepare the presentation of your offer of services. Therefore, you are ready to test to your identified target. But before, you will al
so make presentations documents. It's that it is to the next chapter.

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