Discussed in this article, the differences between the elevator speech and personal presentation, after our two previous articles the a 'stand' or ' effectively present and the other the elevator speech. '' If you haven't read the ebook on the subject, you may think that the two are one and same thing, in reality they me are not.


The speech of lift or elevator speech

Indeed, the elevator speech is a commercial presentation brief, simple, short, intriguing and which must bring your caller. It is designed with the idea that you meet one day in an elevator a rich decision-maker with whom you dreaming work.  The purpose of the elevator speech is therefore to convince him, give him want to work with you, but you have only 30 seconds to do so.


So that the simple presentation, is a descriptive presentation, that says what you're doing. Even if it is simple, it can be designed effectively to give desire to your interlocutor to work with you, because he will understand what you're doing.


The two factors that differentiate these two types of presentation, are duration and their use. While the elevator speech lasts only 30 seconds, personal presentation your personal introduction does not last more than 15 seconds, no commercial purpose.


Personal presentation

This personal presentation mainly consists of your name, surname, followed by the name of your company and its mission. Normally in three or four sentences, you have made the tour of the essential. This kind of presentation is generally used when the business lunch, the Chamber of commerce meetings, seminars, training, conferences or other organizations to which you belong.


Use of personal presentation and the duscours of elevator (elevator speech)

Personal presentation is preferred for situations in which you are known, or you do not need to sell.

Although the intention of personal presentation is reserved for an audience that you know, or in groups in which all the world is knows, its primary vocation is especially not to sell. In other words, it is a way to tell who you are or announce as such. A point is all. If this led to sales, it is so much better.


So that the elevator speech, is designed to sell. The elevator speech has one main goal: that to engage your interlocutor in your product or service in saw to make a sale. To do this, your elevator speech must immediately attract the attention of your contacts through the hook.


So, if it seems natural and acceptable to start a personal presentation by Hello, I'm… and I do…… This type of presentation will be to banish to the elevator speech. In the latter case, you will begin rather your presentation by your name and surname, followed a statement concerning your product or your service, which generally refers to something that is happening at the time where you talk, or on which you want to draw the attention of your interlocutor.


There is no doubt that the elevator speech demand you more creativity, but you will be surprised to know how much it is easy to achieve when you launch in the preparation. Then with a little practice and just a few attempts, you will become unbeatable. This is why you need to prepare in advance and have several different versions of your presentation, then you train in advance aloud, imagining you contact different interlocutors, at your place of work, in the car, in the shower… As it has nothing with nothing, without a solid preparation, whatever your presentation with a duration of 30 seconds or 30 minutes, they are not effective. Now that you understand the difference, you know what layout to use in which case, and above all, you know that should prepare you.


Now, test your current presentation:


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