Ended by the year 2015, and as we look back on the days, we feel grateful to our customers who have shown us their huge support and have trusted us, entrusting us with their projects.

In the year 2015, DAVPRO,- we have
created a new multilingual website: http://www.davpro.fr/index.php/en/ to with the management of languages: E
nglish and french – we published 5 e-books on the following topics: the http://www.davpro.fr/index.php/en/shop-buy-our-produc
ts/all-of-our-books-and-e-books – we have released 2 vide
os on our YouTube channel:http://formation21.relationclient-davpro.fr- we have developed 5 courses on our e-learning
site and on Udemy: – along on our blog We published 60 articles and we have 100 subscribers
, join us! – we have developed business relationships with our partners based all over the world.
We thank our customers for their cooperation, because it is their unconditional support that has helped us to grow.

We take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year and we promise to continue to help you grow your business and build solid relationships with your customers.

For the next 2016, we will continue to offer you the best and live up to your expectations, you offering training, coaching, and our quality advice, which will continue to help you in your business development. We will also make software available to help you develop your business.

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