Elevator speech elevator speech, client your relationship tool, is a commercial message short, clear and brief. It is easy to remember by your interlocutor. Indeed, he explains the essence of your activity in very few words. You must state it succinctly and to make it memorable for your interlocutor. To do this, you must build it then work it.

Use of the elevator speech or elevator speech

The elevator speech is a very versatile speech of your relationship client. Its primary function is to provide an overview of an idea of your product or service or even a project. As such, the elevator speech can also allow you to deliver the essence of a program or a service by presenting quickly and clearly the idea, principle or concept. It is a tool that will be essential to promote your product, your work or another by capitalizing on the customer relationship.


Let know your business

Normally, the elevator speech or elevator speech, introduces your company to any new contact. Therefore, it is a client tool for creating of your relationship. It lasts 30 seconds max. It is based on the principle that you are in the elevator with a decision-maker who can tell you the mission of your dreams. You have 30 seconds to convince because 30 seconds, it is the time it takes to make the elevator arrives at its destination.

Save time and gain your interlocutors

Thus, it is a speech designed to make you save time, both you and your interlocutor. You need to go to the basics because you have no time to lose. At the same time, your speech should have a strong impact on your interlocutor. You must provide relevant information that will give him want to work with you. Since in the world of business, much of your interlocutors were usually very little time, you must have an elevator speech. Because people are attracted to people who make them save time by going straight to the point while the interesting. Thus did your interlocutors will better understand what you do. Since they know first why you do.


But to have a speech as relevant and effective, you need to build it and repeat it at length. The repetition allows you to deliver your speech in any circumstance being quite at ease even in urgent cases. You improvise ever!


Now, test your current presentation:


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