Opportunities: opportunities for improvement exist within all companies. Opportunities are not only these internal opportunities, but also those offered by the market. It should therefore be to identify opportunities that will help your company to respond better to the expectations of your customers. Thus, in this segment represents opportunities, you join all the internal and external opportunities for your business. The opportunities revealed by SWOT analysis are important. But to have a complete, relevant and exhaustive list, it is advisable to work in group, to collect all the opportunities, within the enterprise and in your market.

While listing opportunities, keep in mind that you need to work on current and future opportunities in order to go around.

Threats: by examining them, you can help guard against threats such as the arrival of new entrants to the market, by preparing countermeasures to identified threats. To ensure you have a complete list, in order to prepare the launch of your product or service successfully, you need as for opportunities, think about present and future threats.

Here is an example to substantiate these comments on the search for opportunities and threats in your current and future market. For example, if you are a software publisher, you are studying all opportunities and threats that arise in your market. Think in the future and plan what you will be doing in 2, 3 or even 5 years. You will imagine the evolution of the studied market and, at the same time, opportunities and threats that could arise. Also, study according to your expertise (for example if you have skills in a software development environment), which may be opportunities to be seized if the technology you use grew by offering other markets. During this reflection, also integrate possible threats, if the technology was abandoned by imagining how you adapt to stay in your market.

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