This article is a sequel to "The importance of differentiation – product and service – marketing strategy", in which you discovered that differentiation is important to stand out from the competition, to be innovative… In this article, you will see how you go about differentiate you.

Specifically, to differentiate yourself, offer products or different and innovative services of better quality or high value-added simply. Namely that all products are not easily distinguishable. This is the case when there are few, if any, possibilities of variation. However, there are a number of factors that you can use to differentiate your product or service. Those – are: performance, style, design, functionality, quality, value, reliability and durability, your skills, your methods…

Although the differentiation is a technique joking and useful to distinguish one company from another, it is important to keep in mind that it must be useful and noticeable to consumers. The client not will not buy you a product or service to make you pleasure, but rather because this purchase will bring something different compared to its situation. In other words, it is useless differentiate you and change your positioning for the sole reason make you happy, or integrate a trend. You must ensure that this proposed differentiation brings new in your market, and is better than what is offered by the competition.

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