The end of the year 2015 approach is the time to define your objectives and plan your actions for 2016 to consolidate your customer relationship. This is equivalent to prepare year 2016 by analyzing significant developments by 2015.

The starting point of this planning is based on the analysis of the previous year to better build that future. This practice allows you to improve your productivity, to maintain a good relationship with your customers and to ensure success in 2016. It is therefore important to assess and analyse what was done and how it has undertaken, before throw you in the planning of your shares in the coming year, so that you ensure serenity and confidence in your future actions. Therefore, that you will properly face the unexpected and that you assume the changes to better succeed.

But, in reality, this approach effective client relationship is never applied in companies. The reason is that most entrepreneurs and business leaders do not even practice customer relationship, and on the other hand, those who know it, fear to delve into the past to plan for the future. Very often, they do not find utility to focus on the past to build the future.

In this article, we address to you, that you know the relationship customer or not, to serve you for planning next year 2 016. You do not know the customer relationship approach or you do not even practice, you will find useful information allowing you to adopt this approach customer relationship which will facilitate you your commercial approach. You already know the customer relationship, but you dread to immerse yourself in the past to build the future, you will find how you go about doing so easily.

This article is in two parts, in the following, you will see the definition of customer relationship and why in this approach you need to plan for the coming year and especially how you go about doing so.

Next week the rest of the article.

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