This article "Prepare the coming year 2 016 by analyzing the previous year 2 015" – suite, is a follow-up to the article of the same previous title, in which we discussed the need to begin planning for the coming year 2016, now.

Since this planning is based on the customer relationship, we bring you here, the definition before dealing with the stages of the process for those who fear getting lost in the facts of 2015.

Customer relationship, it is at the same time, create, develop and maintain the relationship with your customers. The principle is simple: you prepare to find clients by applying a relational marketing approach, as soon as you have the first customers, you expand the relationship with them in seeking to better assist them in understanding their need, by discussing their project. Your goal is to guide them and help them make the best choices that they manage their business. Then you hold the relationship with them, having an organization that lets you know where you are with each of your clients and how best to help them. In this phase, you are already involved in future projects of your customers. It is in this relational spirit that you prepare towards the end of each year, the following year. If you have never practiced this approach customer relationship, we invite you to make your resolution for next year.


For those who are already in the process and fear that analyze year-round flowing, what follows concerns them directly. Don't worry, the past in question here is to use the valuable information exchanged with your customers during the previous year. The goal is to better understand your customers, their needs and their activity to help them during the coming year. Since you are already in the customer relationship approach, you already have tool to listen to your customers. So you probably already noted all important information on your customers projects. You know certainly also projects that matter to them and when they would like to have them in the course of the coming year. All these information are often at your fingertips, whether you have correctly put in place a process of listening and understanding of your customers. They will be useful to allow you to streamline your practice and help you find solutions and better meet the needs of your customers in the future. If however, you dread the phase analysis of the past year, it is that your client listener process is not yet much effective. It should allow you to record your observations throughout the year. So start by planning for next year, an improvement of your tools to listen to know your customer.

Before going further and show you how go you, let's next week why the leaders and entrepreneurs, are unable to analyze the past.

You certainly have something to say, then, go for it!


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