"Effectively present" is part of the customer relationship process, and is necessary whenever you have a company or business you want to develop. Thus, it is no longer enough to say who you are so that everything goes as you wish. You must search each time, to present you effectively to transform each of your contacts in client or at least your spokesman for develop your turnover.


Starting point

To do this, start by analyzing you what happens when you show up. Are you uncomfortable? Do you have tight throat, your voice is it weakens? What other sign reveal it a gene? Everything what is happening at home, and that expresses itself in this way, betrays you and prevents you to present you effectively. Now that you have made this observation, you decide to change or to continue on the same path.

Make the choice to "effectively present"

If you decide to change things, what follows is for you and will allow you to progress. Thus, you release you of any discomfort when you show up, and in addition you turn each of your contacts in your Ambassador. That is how your presentation will be for the benefit of the development of your turnover. To understand our connection, start from what we mean by "present" and "effectively present" to highlight this that present themselves effectively will bring you.


According to the Larousse dictionary, present themselves is tell someone who you are, or to advertise to someone in that time. In this definition, suffice it to say that it is and voila. Therefore, if we consider that everyone knows who he is and what he does, stand becomes a banal Act: this is the kind of presentation that suits the social situations in which there is no issue.


Thus, in these social situations, you are going to present you simply: say who you are, what you're doing. Since you are in an environment where there is a good atmosphere, without time constraints…


But what happens when the environment changes? When there is a challenge for you, when you think that your contact can help you to have what you would expect for some time or even, when it might be in need of your services. Can – you can still you present you simply? It was there that present themselves effectively applies to you. That is-it is then "effectively present"?

Effectively present

It is not only tell someone who you are, or to advertise to someone as such, but also, it is causing a reaction of your interlocutor. This reaction may be getting a contact, a recommendation… You can also have as its objective to envy your interlocutor to work with you. Therefore, the difference between "stand" and "effectively present" lies in taking into account the importance of the situation, your preparation to transform every occasion of presentation into an opportunity of creation of the relationship with your partner.

To effectively present why?

When you prepare, you show up effectively. It is easy for several reasons:   [bullet_list icon=”check” indent=”10px” style=””]

  • Firstly, you are familiar with the situation, you are available for the creation of the relationship with your partner. That is how you, can release your message calmly, without stress, showing you professional, confident, safe from you…


  • On the other hand your interlocutor is not drowned in endless explanations, it remains focused on simple and relevant information that you he made. Then, he joined your cause, closely to help you because you have marked his mind.

[/bullet_list] Now, to test your current presentatio

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