Research and information-gathering

Research and the collection of information is to collect several kinds of information about your service and your market. It is necessary to have all the information you need at the time of the design of your service offering. The ta
sk here is to search in the most efficient way possible. Searching and g
athering information is the subject of a chapter in the training "Design your service offering", available on our e-learning site. The purpose of this chapter is to guide you in this delicate phase of research necessary to collect effective and relevant, without loss of time.

Analysis and synthesis of data and information collected

After obtaining this information what are you going to do? It is what it is here.
You will therefore have to analyze this information to understand what is happening in your market, to identify your targets and expectations, and also identify your market.
.. If you decide to deepen this aspect, chapter III of the e-learning training "Design your offer of services" deals with step by step. You will learn how to analyze your information collected in the previous chapter and then cross with those you have already grown from your initial idea, not in favour of that relevant. Indeed, before you go searching for information, you will set and framed what you plan to do. This is what represents your idea at the outset. The analysis of all this information will help you define your service offering.

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