Strategy in enterprises

The basis of all good start

The strategy in the enterprises is both the reflection and approach that address how they can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

There are several strategies, but that applies to your company is to find. Indeed, there are as many business strategies. Provided these last are not models to copy the neighbour. Because a same strategy applied in two different companies in the same sector of activity, can be successful in one case and the failure in the other. But two companies in the same sector can choose a completely different strategy and yet achieve perfectly both. So the strategy is not related to the business sector but to your company. However, note a characteristic common to all small businesses that do not yet have a well-stocked product portfolio. They must ensure to introduce new products during the development of their strategy, in order to prevent obsolescence of older products. Small businesses can also use a market expansion strategy, if they find new uses for their products and/or services. Small businesses can also use this type of strategy to expand their range of products and penetrate new markets.  

Apart from this common aspect early activity, strategies are the translation of what you want for your company depending on what you are and what you want to express. Good strategies are very concrete and you look like.

So the right strategy for your business must take into account the internal information to your business: make the culture of your company, your willingness to orientation, the desired growth for your business, your knowledge, your means… On the other hand, the external information to your business but about your environment: the environment of your product, and then from there to offer products or services that meet the needs of your customers and especially of the products or services that keep their promises to your customers. In summary, the strategy is the translation of the direction in which you decide to give your business. Even if you can of what is done elsewhere, it must you look strongly like to help you succeed. If you are a small structure, you need more integrate the feature linked at the beginning of activity.

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