Steps to design your offer of services according to the customer relationship pro
cess. If you've read this e-book so far, is that you are well motivated to develop your range of services. Be aware that this task is not easy, but following the successive steps that we have developed, you will get there. Wheth
er you are entrepreneur or Manager of an undertaking, that you have already created and marketed a range of services, or whether it's the first time that you confront with this exercise, it is important you systematically go about do not waste time unnecessarily. Be aw
are that each service offering is unique and requires a great deal of attention and vigilance in its design. Throughout this chapter, you will discover the major steps necessary to design it. There
are training "Design your offer of services" whose purpose is to guide you step-by-step through the client relationship process to create your offer of services easily. These steps are presented briefly below and are each the subject of a good chapter detailed in the training modul
e. If you are looking for assistance of this nature, join training on our e-learning site. Normally, at the end of this training, your offer of services should be ready and will you more than at the market. The proposed route allows you to assimilate essential concepts and apply them to measure to your idea of service. Retu
rning to the main stages of design of your offer of services, object of this chapter. Can be distinguished:

  • Research and the collection of information
  • Analysis and synthesis of data and information collected
  • The formalization of the offer – definition of its content
  • Pricing of the offer
  • Formatting of the offer in the form of presentation
  • Drafting of the offer for communication
  • Test of the provision of services
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