What should think leader who is alone aboard his company?

This article is the difference between marketing and sales. Marketing lies in pre-sales and aims to prepare the sale and thus to facilitate the flow of the product easily. Meanwhile, sale is the set of actions of creation of contacts with clients. It relies on the work of marketing to publicize the product to the target, using the arguments… prepared by the marketing. Sale thus manages contracts and thus directly translated the work of marketing and sales.


When leader, only on the Board of his company, there is no race of supremacy of a marketing on another service: the sale. But it seeks rather to skillfully combine the benefits of one and the other to win markets and win clients.


Many leaders confuse the two because because they don't have mastered not the Marketing aspect, they focus on sales. Thus, they just meet the requirements of their customers, instead of studying also the requirements of the market, and take into account.


The relationship customer aims to integrate the marketing approach in the business newspaper to predict the reaction of the market through the relationship built with each client. The leader is therefore certain to offer on the market of products which meet the current and future customer needs. In addition, the leader is ready to adapt to changes in its product design if necessary, to better satisfy the client request.


It is very important that a company integrates customer relationship because it allows him to consistently combine the use of sales and marketing in an optimal way. Indeed, good integration of these two entities follows some growth of the company.


The deed of sale must not be simply considered fundraising. It must be understood that it is the culmination of a process started by marketing.


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