In the process of business development, differentiation of products and services is really important. It allows to stand out in a market, differentiating the company from its competitors. The differentiation of a product or service is particularly important nowadays, since the markets are extremely competitive, due to the limited number of customers to offer more increasingly important.

The differentiation of a product or service is done at the time of the development of the marketing strategy.

The market analysis enables you to collect the information needed to differentiate you from the competition. To perform an analysis of the effective market, you need to work on two aspects: the first is that the main players in the market are, the second that you could do differently. From these two elements, you will develop your strategy.

The markets are more dynamic, differentiate your company from your competitors is a continuous process. And that is what the customer relationship approach brings you. It allows you to be innovative and provide products and services more attractive and efficient than those of your competitors. However, if you stop the customer relationship process, you you will catch up by the competition.

A company that wants to stay long in its market and a dominant position, must integrate the customer relationship approach to develop new products and move forward in order to maintain its position in its market and maintain a lead on its competitors over a long period.

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