Marketing and sales are both the most important activities for the survival of a company in its market.

Although the two are interrelated, many are those who continue to confuse them. However confusing marketing and sales or vice versa is a big mistake. Indeed, marketing begins with the design of the product. The latter is thus conceived according to the needs of the market and therefore expectations of customers. The marketing activity continues with the stages of promoting the product through advertising, etc. and setting up a consistent product with competitive price and means of the targets.


Therefore, marketing is a process that occurs upstream of the sale, precisely to facilitate the latter, while the sale is the final part of this process. Thus the sales and Marketing range from pairs and are inseparable. You understand why commercial development of an enterprise depends mainly on the success of these two major events.


Sales are the end of a process started by marketing, backbone of the commercialization process. Thus sale is the execution of all efforts that involve direct interaction with the client. When the deed of sale, the company will seek to get in touch with its customers, either by causing meetings, passing calls or operator networks.

But in companies:

There is a permanent rivalry between the leaders of the two services due to the fact that each service feels more important than the other. The marketing people say they are superior because they think that they are the ones who design products, set policy and also develop essential tools for sales. They say that sales are only the result of their actions and that the commercial service should only follow their directions. While sellers deny this whole argument by stating that they are the ones who sells sell products and bring the money to the company.

The point of view of experts:

Experts estimate that marketing plays an important role. Because a successful marketing campaign makes it easier sales. Thus the business believe that it is they who make miracles, since sales are quickly conclude.

It is clear that the most important role of marketing department is to create opportunities for the sales department. Launch marketing campaigns and send commercials to conclude the sale leads to the success of the company. Marketing is therefore a life for sales support, because its role is always easier for the Sales Department, allowing him to carry out the final action.

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